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Goodness Lies in Everyone

School is about to end and I have grown so much. My time in reading has increased and I've started to enjoy much of the books I read. I've read around 10 books which is an adequate amount for me. I have been reading around an hour each day and plan on increasing that time. I challenged myself last time in reading books the are nonfictional and its been going well. I want to try out other types of books like comic or autobiography books. I have wanted to read a book called Zero Days which seems like an interesting book. I want to be able to start reading poems and such just to understand how they work. I have read the book The People of Sparks which seems like a lower level grade book but I loved the plot when I read it as a kid.

  This book is a sequel to the City of Ember where citizens live in an underground village. The people afraid of losing their homes left the city to the surface of a post-apocalyptic world. Here the citizens of ember get help from people of the city…

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