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To what extent is building a stable friendship critical or key to a healthy life especially in a world where humanity cares of only themselves.

   The world is a cruel and frankly dangerous place to live on. Humanity has gone its separate ways and those in search of a friend or partner are left behind to find their own ways. Those who support one another positively survive and flourish and create a bond in which they consider each other as family. Those who live isolated from friends and loved ones find themselves with no set purpose and often are engulfed with depression and loneliness. Though seeking for a companion is strenuous to many, the ability to build a stable friendship is crucial to a healthy life in how it brings joy to those who have experienced loneliness and is physically and mentally therapeutic.

   Society has dramatically changed and has brought about negative outcomes. Though it may be hard for a handful, finding a partner or companion can be beneficial in a world wh…

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