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The life of lynching culture

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." In the first nine weeks I've been in English, I now have a feel for how the class is when it comes to reading. The pace of reading books is intense and I love it. As I said previously, I have been venturing out into genres that I'm not familiar with and its been a tough time finding books that interest me. I now know that reading isn't all about finding what you like but sometimes going out of your comfort zone and reading books that are more challenging and takes more skill to read needs to be sought after. I recently started an AP historical non-fiction book called The Making Of a Lynching Culture and I just want to say that it's at a whole different level. The book is highly detailed about the culture of people killing offenders by hanging them without a legal trial. This book was also last minute but I had a great APUSH teacher to find me a book that would help me go a step further when it came to re…

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